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Two things become obvious as you scroll through the images on the right.  One is there isn’t much to look at and the other is the twenty-nine year span between the oldest paintings and the newest.  The reason for the latter was the twenty year period where I gave up using a real brush for a digital one. The other reason is the last two paintings took an unusually long time to complete.

In 2009 I worked on an indy film shot in Vancouver BC called "Alien Trespass". It was an homage to the B sci-fi movies made in the 1950's and was meant to look like it was shot in 1957.  It didn't do very well in the theater but it was still a lot of fun to work on.  It's the only film I've ever worked on where I not only did the lion's share of the effects but was the visual effects supervisor, titles designer and poster artist.  Unfortunately the poster I painted wasn't the one they decided to use for the film.

By 1999 I hadn't painted anything in about seven years so in my free time I thought I'd try my hand at painting this portrait of José Ferrer as Cyrano de Bergerac.  His performance in that role is the best thing about that movie and is one of my favorite performances of all time.

In 1992, between my two stints at ILM, I spent a year back in Southern California mostly unemployed but did occasionally get a job as a concept artist and doing matte paintings for a couple of TV shows.  One painting was for a TV movie and the other was for an episode of "Star Trek: The Next Generation" called "Relics".  The story is principally about a theoretical structure called a Dyson sphere, named after the physicist Freeman Dyson who thought up the idea of such a structure.  Basically it's an enormous hollow sphere that is so massive that it completely encapsulates a star and thus captures all the energy radiating from that star.  On the inside surface of the sphere is an earth like environment where people can live just like they do on earth only instead of the horizon curving away as it recedes it curves up and up and up because you are on the inside of a sphere instead of the outside.  It was a challenging thing to paint.

In addition to the paying work mentioned above, I thought it a good idea to expand my horizons and try my hand at portraiture and movie poster work.  I never got a job doing either (until Alien Trespass came along) but to show my worth at the time I painted this movie poster for a fictional film with an all star cast that I also happened to be the director of ; )

And here are a couple of demo portraits I did at the time as well.


Plaudits for Porphyrius   •   2021   •   Acrylic on Panel   •   27" x 40"

hagia sophia_edited.jpg

Hagia Sophia   •   2018   •   Acrylic on Panel   •   27" x 40"


Constantinople at sunset   •   2015   •   Acrylic on Panel   •   27" x "40

Alien Trespass_edited.jpg

Alien Trespass   •   2009   •   Acrylic on Illustration board   •   30" x 42"


Cyrano de Bergerac   •   1999   •   Acrylic on Illustration board   •   19" x 29"


Dyson sphere   •   1992   •   Acrylic on Masonite   •   42" x 72"


Demo Movie Poster   •   1992   •   Acrylic on Illustration Board   •   20" x 30"


Dali   •   1992   •   Acrylic on Illustration Board   •   7.5" x 10"


Hepburn   •   1992   •   Acrylic on Illustration Board   •   7.5" x 10"

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